New look and theme (And a novel on the way)

So I have a new book coming out soon (a proper 150,000-word novel this time! Not just a 25,000-word novella or a dinky little short story) and I thought it only fitting that I should update the ol’ weblog.

The last theme was looking a little bit old hat, in my opinion. So I went looking through the currently available themes, and it turns out that the old black-and-orange theme I’d been using had been discontinued by WordPress years ago! I had no idea.

But I’m quite pleased with this new one. I think it looks quite a lot better than the previous one. And I made sure to include some banner images that evoke fantasy settings. Be sure to tell me what you think.

And of course, watch this space for news about the upcoming novel. I’m aiming for an ebook release this December (but before Christmas).