Thieves’ Boulevard

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The latest Kozef and Ceinan adventure story, Thieves’ Boulevard, is now available for purchase on! It clocks in at about 25,000 words, so you can consider it a novella rather than a short story or novelette. Hope you enjoy it!

The fantastic cover art is courtesy of Milek Jakubiec.


In the Donjon quarter, the sordid slum-district of the sprawling metropolis of Auvand, the vagabond soldiers of fortune Kozef and Ceinan come into sudden possession of a treasure of unimaginable value. Knowing that such a coveted artefact will only bring grief and trouble rather than wealth and riches, they resolve to simply discard it and walk away.

But to grasp it for even a moment is to court the attention of underhanded forces who will stop at nothing to claim it for their own ends, and Kozef and Ceinan soon find themselves the target not only of the Polecats – the society of thieves and robbers that holds the entire slum-district in its clutches – but also a mysterious and beguiling woman for whom stealing and subterfuge come as naturally as breathing.



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beaulieu-booksI participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at r/Fantasy last month with author Bradley P. Beaulieu (Myke Cole and Peter V. Brett were hanging around, too). I asked a question and was lucky enough to be randomly chosen for the book giveaway they had happening: Just today I received Beaulieu’s two novels – The Winds of Khalakovo and The Straights of Galahesh, the first two parts of The Lays of Anuskaya trilogy – in the mail from Night Shade Books. Not bad!

“Grey Scourge”

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k&c-greyscourgeMy newest ebook, “Grey Scourge”, is now available for purchase on! Hope you all like it.

A man-killing beast terrorizes the countryside surrounding the town of Vaudain, and the local liege-lord has offered a princely sum of money to anyone who can present him with its carcass. Drawn by the chance of some hard coin in their purses, the penniless mercenaries Kozef and Ceinan join forces with an estimable wolf-catcher and begin the hunt. The creature proves, however, to be more ravenously aberrant than they ever could have thought possible – and the mystery of its origin is revealed to be darker than they ever could have imagined.

A medieval adventure novelette. 16,500 words.

“Leathern Men” – New cover art

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Rene Aigner's cover art for "Leathern Men".I can draw, of course, but I’m really not that great. René Aigner, however, is pretty great. To the right you can see his awesome new cover art for “Leathern Men”, which you can click to embiggen.

Be sure to visit his website here, and take a look at his DeviantArt gallery here.


“Leathern Men”

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The cover for "Leathern Men"My new story, “Leathern Men“, is now available for purchase at It’s a medieval adventure story, the first to feature itinerant mercenaries Kozef and Ceinan, two characters who I expect to spend a lot of time with in the future. It’s a 15,000-word short story, so it’s very long as far as short stories go, being and a few thousand words shy of novella length. As always, hope you all like it.

Kozef and Ceinan – itinerant soldiers of fortune and hard-on-their-luck seekers of glory – agree to evict a band of violent thugs from a small city inn in exchange for food, drink and lodging for the night. The ruffians, however, prove to be journeymen of the Tanner’s Guild, the criminal syndicate that dominates the city of Thieudan through violence and intimidation. Kozef and Ceinan draw down the hostility of the entire guild and must fight to save not only their own hides, but also the lives of those who they first set out to help.


Sarah’s Bookshelves – “Playwright’s” Review

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Review blogger Sarah was kind enough to write a small review of “The Playwright’s Woman”. She was very generous, calling it ‘[m]oody, atmospheric, and utterly enjoyable’. How about that.

Thanks again, Sarah!

Book Brouhaha reviews “Abomination”

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Alain Gomez of the Book Brouhaha short story blog gave Abomination a positive review, mentioning specifically the grey-and-grey morality of the characters and the psychological aspect of the story.

Many thanks, Alain!